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State Changers: Wolf Contest

Contest ends midnight EST, January 15th.

I will randomly choose three readers who answer the following five questions correctly to receive a free paperback copy of the second installment in the State Changers series: Fae (release date: 1st quarter of 2020). If you can answer the bonus question, you’ll also receive a State Changers bookmark with your free copy. Oh, and not part of the contest, but if you’ve read Wolf and liked it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads! I’d love to see a ton of reviews for Wolf, before Fae is released.

1. What is Casidhe’s aunt’s vocation?

2. What is her mother’s ring made of?

3. What is Blaire’s diagnosis/gift?

4. What is the name of Kelly and Lesslyn’s Pub?

5. What happened to Casidhe during the eclipse?

Bonus: What page of Wolf contains the Easter Egg from my first book, the 100th human?

You can send me an email (christinafenwick (at) or you can use the online contact form . Please be sure to identify your message with State Changers – Wolf Contest. When you enter the contest, you will be automatically subscribed to my email list, but are free to unsubscribe at any time.

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