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The battle is over. Cian has been runoff. Thankfully, casualties were few and those injured are on the mend.


Exhausted, Casidhe goes in search of her bed and much-needed rest before embarking on the second stage of her dangerous mission to save the worlds. Instead of a soft landing, what Casidhe discovers in her suite, blows her mind, opens her heart, and changes her life forever.


Desperately trying to juggle her new responsibilities with the weight of the worlds, Casidhe takes a delegation into war-ravaged Tír na nÓg. Finding Rath Cruachan–the realm of the ancient and cruel Fae queen Morrigan–is minor compared to what Casidhe must sacrifice to reopen the portals and save them all.


Will Casidhe succeed in her mission and survive to tell the tale after the horrors Rath Cruachan?

If not, who will defeat Cian once he aligns with an ill-tempered Banshee and a zombie Fae witch?


For a millennium, Fae have hidden from humankind. But facing the most powerful enemy in history, Fae venture topside, joining forces with State Changes and Druids in the war to end all wars.


In this Lesbian fantasy thriller, Casidhe learns what being a hero really requires of her. She and Dana face the worst to find the best of what love has to offer.



“I absolutely loved it.” – Amazon reviewer

“A pack story that's believable and awesome.” – Amazon reviewer

“Delicious. I want more!” – Amazon reviewer

“Was a fantastic read, I look forward to the sequel.” – Amazon reviewer

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