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I am a mother, a spouse, a storyteller, a writer, an editor, a marketer, and a part-time farmer. I spent over 25 years in a tech career that I didn't love but still excelled in. Now, I  tell stories and make books. Some I write myself. Some are the works of others. I live in a hollow surrounded by trees, a little piece of paradise in Pennsylvania, with my wife, our last teenage son, goats, chickens, dogs and occasionally pigs, turkeys, deer, ducks, and many other varieties of birds and wildlife. 

Writing the State Changers series was the most fun I have had professionally, ever. The process of writing is like coming home. It is powerful and humbling at the same time. Casidhe became so real to me, inspiring and guiding me as we found our way through the words and pages together. I sincerely hope readers love her story as much as I have. I heard a quote recently and it made me think of writing this series. "If it delights, it delights." Writing the State Changer series truly delighted me.

I have always loved books, and almost never can part with them once they find their way into my library. I can think of no other job I am more clearly suited to. Sunbury Press' moto is, "Continue the Enlightenment!" Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

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