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Ahead of Schedule: Book 3 available NOW!

What do writers do during a pandemic? Write, of course. Actually, I finished the first three books in the State Changers series over a year ago and completed the fourth, this last January. But no one wants to (or could) read my rough drafts. So, the edits and re-writes march on as I inch my way closer to a story someone can read and understand.

It's not like I really had that much extra time, but since the world has been falling apart around us, I turned more often to the one thing that gives me the most joy and satisfaction–churning out my own stories. That means State Changers book 3: Human is out NOW!. (Final book 4: Hero will be released Sept. 1, 2020).

As with each book in the State Changers series, Human picks up right where Fae left off. The pacing is melancholy to start, reflecting the mood of Casidhe, who just lost Saorise and her pack to her evil brother, Cian. She can’t even let Dana know she’s okay. Alone and lost, Casidhe searches for anything that can help her get back to the ones she loves. Soon, you’ll be biting your nails, recognizing trouble doesn’t stay away long from Casidhe, and she finds herself in deep with a new group of humans, she learns are Druids, and wonders if this is coincidental.

Like all the books in the State Changers series, Casidhe is forced to mature and grow in new and extraordinary ways to meet what life throws at her. The third book brings the story back around to where Casidhe began, but she finds a new appreciation for what she thought was the least magical part of herself: being Human.

I hope you enjoy the continuing story in State Changers book 3: Human!

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