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Happy New Year!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We are three weeks into 2020 and the State Changers series is coming along. Only about 10K more words to finish the final scenes of the entire series. It turns out, writing the last bit of a 4-book series is hard! So many loose ends, so many characters to hear from, so much left to happen. It’s fun, but it’s also hard!

​A big part of me will miss Casidhe, Dana and the gang. But since I still have to complete book 4, do rewrites of book 3 and 4, and finalize edits of Fae (book 2);  they will still be in my life for all of 2020. In the meantime, Wolf is getting good reviews in the marketplace and my beta-readers are loving Fae:

“This story, with the history you've weaved into it, is terrific. I'm seriously impressed. The first book was good, but, this book is really good!” –TS
“It’s a great romp!”–TH

​I promised to release the theme song for Fae after the New Year; so here it is.

Jennifer Thomas: Illumination - Requiem for a Dream - Track 14 If you are listening to the songs, you will discover that this one is very different in feel and pace than “Secrets” from the first book. And that accurately mirrors the feel and pace of Fae. Where in Wolf we were getting to know Casidhe as she was getting to know herself. In Fae, she sinks her fangs into her new life and runs with it!

The cover art for Fae is getting its final touches for preview on Valentine’s Day.

The Wolf contest is over. But, for fun, I will be posting the questions on social media and allow followers to answer them along with chapter one of Wolf.

The beginning of a new year always fills me with hope and excitement for good things to come. But I also try to review the past year with a grateful heart. The State Changers series continually reminds me that I have to change my state (focus, mood, attitude) to access the magic we have in our souls. There is so much to be grateful for, not the least of which is you!

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