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  • Chris Fenwick

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is right around the corner and this morning I am feeling so grateful! Thank you for your amazing support for Wolf. It is incredibly fulfilling to see people buy and read Casidhe’s story and then turn around and share it with others. Everyone needs cheerleaders, and I feel very fortunate to have family, friends and fans who love Wolf and can’t wait for the next book in the State Changers series. Good news: Book 2: Fae just went out to my Betareaders and is scheduled for release March 1st! ​ If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Wolf’s theme song, here it is. I believe it captures the essence of the emotions in Wolf perfectly. “Secrets” arranged and played by Jennifer Thomas on her Illumination album!

Fae also has a theme song. I will reveal it just after New Years and the new Fae cover art on Valentine’s Day! Stay up to date on these releases and the results from the latest contest by subscribing to my Newsletter at

Many Blessings this holiday and always! ​Chris

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