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Happy Valentine’s Day!

As promised, above is the cover reveal for FAE: Book 2 in the State Changers series.

Where would our world be without love? On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate romantic love. My young teenage son thinks it’s a dumb holiday, but I disagree. I like taking the time to celebrate my relationship. Aside from my children, my wife is the most important person in my life. Of course, we try to celebrate our relationship more than once a year, but it’s fun to spoil each other on V’day. I know there are plenty of people who don’t have a significant other in their lives, but most of them wish they did.

In the State Changers series, Casidhe found Dana, and even though the series is not classified as Romance, the relationship is a huge part of Casidhe’s story. I wanted to write an adventure story about a girl with extraordinary powers and even more unique challenges. But I wouldn’t know how to take the romantic parts out of it. Love is a strong motivator, and like most people, Casidhe is driven by her love for Dana and her family.

As promised, above is the cover reveal for book 2 in the State Changers series: FAE. Hopefully, you’ve read Wolf already and have a good idea of who the other woman on the cover is. But if you have any doubts, get FAE– which will be released in just 16 days!

So, let the countdown begin! Watch Casidhe and Dana’s love story unfold in ways you won’t see coming.

In the meantime, celebrate those you love today!

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